Are you playing through pain?
Is your swing causing pain?
Would you like to improve consistency?

If you answer yes to any of these questions come and visit the Golf Physio Clinic

Based on 15 years of research in clinical practice in Australia, the Golf Physio Clinic assesses posture in order to improve the golf swing. Any changes in posture can cause muscles to compensate and alter their strength. As posture is directly related to the golf set up, changes in posture can affect your swing. Using physio techniques such as deep tissue massage these compensations in posture are eliminated and in so doing the swing is also corrected.

The basis of the techniques is proactive, in other words, you don’t need to be injured in order to benefit. Also all golfers can benefit from this assessment. For beginners it assists in limiting the number of compensations they may develop while learning to play golf. For all other golfers it corrects any compensation that they may have already developed and in so doing can improve consistency and distance.

Each treatment lasts 1 hour and the assessment and any exercises given are recorded onto DVD for you to take home.

Physiotherapist Profile
Born and raised in Rush and a keen golfer from a young age, I have always been interested in treating golfers. I completed my undergraduate physiotherapy degree at Manchester University.
I started treating golfers with the English Ladies Golfing Union. During this time I completed courses “Get Fit for Golf” with Ramsay Mc Master, the worlds leading golf physiotherapist. On returning home I earned my Masters in Sports Physiotherapy in UCD.

I worked in Australia at Ramsay’s Melbourne Golf injury clinic and at the Australian Institute of Sport (golf section) in Moonah Links. I continue to work closely with the Australians in keeping up to date with new treatment techniques.
I am currently the physiotherapist for the GUI and also the Leinster branch of the ILGU.
I look forward to meeting you at the Golf Physio Clinic.